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T&K Security Solutions

Προσοχή: Νέος ιός στο facebook! – Μην ανοίξετε αυτό το αρχείο

Ένας νέος ιός κυκλοφορεί τις τελευταίες ώρες στο facebook, ο οποίος διαδίδεται μέσω του τσατ και δείχνει ένα αρχείο φωτογραφίας, το οποίο έχει σταλεί από φίλο σας.

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G Data

New version of Locky ransomware in circulation again

G DATA security experts analyse extortion Trojan.

Extortion Trojan Locky caused a sensation among computer users and in the media some eight months ago. Now a new development of the malware is being distributed again. The files it encrypts are given the file ending .ODIN. Malware analysts at G DATA have examined the ransomware more closely and present their results in the SecurityBlog. Users of current G DATA security solutions are protected: the malware investigated is known as Script.Trojan-Downloader.Locky.CQ or Win32.Trojan-Ransom.Locky.CQ.

The analysis by the G DATA security experts can be found in the SecurityBlog:

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NovaBACKUP 18 – Just Released!

NovaBACKUP 18 was updated to support Windows Server 2016, Hyper-V 2016, SQL and Exchange 2016, plus now you can download a FREE monitoring console to remotely view your backups from anywhere!

NovaStor offers the best backup software available online. Data backup is extremely important to the success of your organization. Your files and documents are important and need the highest level of protection. Each of our products is sold as all inclusive with simple pricing. That means no hidden fees for add-ons and additional plugins.

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Locky goes offline (by design)

New Locky variant can encrypt files without directions from the ransomware’s CnC. That makes it tougher to block. But, this new variant may have the weakness that once someone has paid the ransom for their private key ID – it should be possible to reuse the same key for other victims with the same public key.

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G Data

Pokémon Go: Built-in backdoor for Android-App discovered

Pokémon, the adorable little pocket critters, are back. These little Japanese animals make a comeback as virtual-reality-game for smartphones. Attackers try to use the popularity of this brand new game for themselves and prey on impatient gamers who cannot wait for the game to be released: at least one malicious version of the app has been discovered. In a file sharing network, a version of the app installer was found that contained a remote control for Android devices. It appears that the legitimate app was repackaged with some added malware using a tool called “DroidJack”. The tool itself has legitimate use cases for developers, but in this case it was used to add a malicious piece of software called “AndroRAT”. G DATA customers are protected from the malicious app which is detected as “Android.Trojan.Kasandra.B”.

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Avira Antivirus Pro – now also available for Mac

The popular Avira Antivirus Pro now runs on both Windows and Mac OS X. No need to purchase an extra license: Your customers can now use the same license to secure their identity, finances and data on both operating systems – at no extra cost. With this release, Avira strengthens its multi-platform approach and facilitates a fast one click installation.
The product highlights at a glance:

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G Data

G DATA achieved outstanding result for protection against real-time threats


04/29/2016 | BOCHUM  Independent test lab AV-Comparatives test security solutions for their protection against the latest real-time threats. For the test, the Real-Time Threat List (RTTL) of Anti Malware Standard Testing Organization (AMTSO) was used. This list is a collection of actual real-time threats and contains 253 malware samples. In the comparison test, 29 security solutions were tested for their ability to detect this malware. G DATA Internet Security achieved an outstanding result.


Test details:

  • Security solutions tested: 29, including G DATA Internet Security
  • Number of malware instances in test: 253
  • Conducted by: AV-Comparatives in collaboration with the AMTSO


AMTSO is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation. Members are academics, IT-Security vendors, reviewers and testers.

gdata-internet-securitySeamless protection: G DATA Internet Security

G DATA Internet Security reliably provides protection for the PC and personal data – with the best protection against viruses, keyloggers, exploits and Trojans plus a powerful firewall. It means that Internet users have the best protection against every danger – whether they are carrying out online banking transactions, shopping or surfing. And with parental controls, even younger users are protected effectively as they surf the Internet.


Top features at a glance

  • Best protection against viruses and other malware
  • Instant protection for emails, also with SSL encryption
  • Exploit protection blocks malware that exploits vulnerabilities in your software
  • Keylogger protection: automated, signature-independent real-time protection
  • Secure online banking and shopping thanks to the BankGuard technology
  • Protection against hacking via a firewall
  • Free customer support 24/7/365

AVIRA sponsor of AOK Chalandriou

AVIRA is present once again, emphasizing through sports the values of effort, cooperation and social solidarity.

Below a photo with the history of Greek Basketball, Panagiotis Giannakis.